Yannis Ragoussis

Ι want to live as I was raised

He’s young, restless, with an alternative, ecological approach to living, which is readily evident in “The Green Project,” his café bar in Drios. Here visitors can unwind over a coffee or drink and an eclectic selection of dishes by a natural cistern. An entire wall is covered with jars of his own jam, and guests are invited to sample never-tasted-before jam cocktails!

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Pantelis Kalargyros

My customers choose me for my experience and frankness

The view of the harbor provides a calmness and peacefulness and gives you the impression that you are far away. Together with my wife we renovated an existing hotel and created twelve beautiful rooms with a panoramic view. We call it Sunday Hotel, named after our daughter who came into this world at Christmas on a Sunday!

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Giannis Zoumis

A restaurant is not just about cooking and serving food. It requires good energy

A chef must have high standards, to be experienced in life and to be balanced. Running a restaurant requires another way of life, in order to survive and to be good at your job. If you are trained mentally you will be able to lead with a clear mind. This is what the chef does, sometimes without even touching anything. Still, the food must be first class.

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Massimiliano and Gianluca

Fantasy is a path that runs parallel to our lives

I close my eyes and hear the sound of the wind and the sea, the harmony of the voices, the breaths, and I smell the scents, the ones that give life to every plate. I close my eyes and already sense the flavour of the plate I want to prepare and see the path I want to follow.

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Tsiki & Ran

If you have one euro for promotion, put 50 cents for promoting the island as a destination

When people think of Paros, they think of the archaeological riches and water sports. I want people to think also of wellness and well being and green energy and organic food and yoga and self development and music and art.

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