Maro Voulgari

Interview, Photo: Yannis Keryannis

Paros has always been my destination

After a long and adventurous journey in the media Maro Voulgari anchored, probably for good, at the port of Naoussa. The Delicatessen Beehive appears to represent all her passions: a journey in tastes, natural beauty and the authentic character of the Cycladic gastronomy.

Why the Beehive? Why at Naoussa?
The Beehive represents the dreams of more than one person. My son is an apiarist. I wanted to host his excellent honey of at a place worthy of it. Something simple, modern and tasteful. Why at Naoussa? The answer is evident Is there a more beautiful port in the Mediterranean?

What could one add to what has already been said about the gastronomy of Paros?
In fact, nothing much has been said. I have had ties with the island for over 25 years. At first, I came with an eye “polluted” by the life style. This is something inevitable, if you have worked in the media for years. With time you learn how to get acquainted with the heart of the matter, to understand how the local cooking developed. The material limitations made them creative. Here, people had “little” but that “little” was transformed to “much”.

You came in touch with local households and small producers?
That’s what I have been doing for years. I started with the family of my husband who is a Parian. Anyway, the Parians share among themselves their various recipes and conservation methods with adorable generosity. On the other hand, there is also a family vineyard which places us in the team of small producers. I am proud of our sun-dried wine as well as of our fruity rose one which was given the name of the vineyard: Mavropetria. Nevertheless, honey will always be our flagship!

So, one could say that only what is local is good?
Not necessarily. The islands’ cuisine is full of reborrowing. This endows it with robustness without depriving it from its identity. There are things which have not been fully utilized like the prickly pears which we use not only to make jam but also a vitamin extract for the face. The Beehive has an interesting section with cosmetics based on honey, as well as similar products from Germany, Milan, Japan. One can find wines from Sikinos, soap from Tinos, jam from Naxos, rusks and olives from Crete. It is an All-island Alliance…

What is the Beehive besides a typical Delicatessen?
It is something that aspires to filling up a gap. To satisfy a demanding gourmet but also a lover of natural, local nutrition. Ideally, this dual quest usually is a mark of one and the same person…

Summer 2016