Ancient restaurant

Banqueting with the Gods!

Following the finding of the first “ritual hestiatorion” at Despotiko, archaeologist Yannos Kourayos tells us about the fascination of bringing together the history’s mosaic pieces, about the dream for an open-air archaeological museum at the uninhabited island and about the information we retrieve from under the sacrificial animals.

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Paros – Antiparos swimming crossing

This summer, as every summer for the past 10 years, the Swimming Crossing will take place at the island of Antiparos. The participants will have the chance to enjoy a unique experience as they will swim from Punta of Paros to the port of Antiparos, crossing the 1453m long channel which separates the two islands.

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A winery lost in oblivion

Paros in general, if one takes a look at its countryside consists of thousands of terraces with dry stone walls, xerolithies, in most of which vines were cultivated. Hundreds of stone outdoor structures called patitiria, were scattered around the island, since mostly the grape pressing took place on site in the vineyard and then the must was transferred with donkeys and mules in sheepskin bags to the barrels that were in warehouses called magatzedes.

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Paros, first Mediterranean island without plastic waste

Fifty years ago, this title would have sounded like a joke. Then, the plastics, light heartedly and cheerfully entered our life for multiple use naturally –a plastic flask for the excursions and a plastic folding glass in every schoolbag!

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Travels by European travellers in the Eastern Mediterranean & Paros

People, Herodotus has told us, travel for three reasons: political-military, commercial or religious reasons. Till the end of the Middle Ages, journeys by Europeans were undertaken mainly for military and commercial purposes or as pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulcher or other Holy Shrines.

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Walking in flower meadows in Paros & Antiparos

The Cyclades are a Greek archipelago in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Some of the islands are uninhabited. Others are wonderful holiday paradises. In ancient times, several of them were important religious and holy places.

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A look into the blue

Around this time every year, the hands of Time creak. Like cogs, they snag on the withered flowers that slow down their circular upward course. The soul breathlessly roams across the steepest paths and the vastest horizons, in an endless dialogue with the great charmer Sun that slowly, leisurely, almost in stillness, carries the day down to the sea. Sifneikos, Livadia, Akonitos, Monasteries, Trahilas, Despotiko.

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