Portraits of the Greek Revolution

The Art Gallery "αντί" presents the anniversary edition portraits of the Greek Revolution of 1821 by painter Dimitra Katsaouni

The edition consists of 23 portraits measuring 35x50cm, all drawings in pencil on paper depicting politicians and fighters of the Greek Revolution in numbered and signed copies. Some of the original portraits will be exhibited in the Art Gallery "αντί" and the edition of the copies will be available from May 22 until the end of September.

Art Gallery “αντί” || Antiparos, Kastro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anti.antiparos

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Routes in Marpissa

With great joy, a sweet nostalgia and great impatience, the festival Routes in Marpissa returns and renews its appointment with the public

With the central idea of the "return", this year's program is adapted to the special conditions of the time. Thematic routes will be created within the traditional settlement: an exhibition of contemporary art curated by Despina Zefkili and lighting installations in collaboration with the BeforeLight team. In addition, the program includes animation screenings from the Animasyros International Animation Festival, activities for children and concerts.

Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 August

More information and syllabus: https://stimarpissa.gr/

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The Oracle of Paros

«The Oracle of Paros» is a video installation coming to the old Marble Factory by the Parikia Yacht Harbour for all of July & August

It is the first show of the future Fluxus Museum, but as the building won’t be ready until next year, this piece by Fluxus artist Stephan Shakespeare is designed to be seen by peeping through the doors at the back of the building. Millions of messages flash past too fast to be read, requiring you to use your phone camera to capture your own personal oracle, unique to every participant. Don’t miss it!

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Antiparos International Photo Festival


Out of 61 excellent submissions for the Antiparos International Photo Festival, our Selection Committee has selected 15 who will show their work in Antiparos in July of this year.

July 10th-18th, Kastro Antiparos

You can read more about them at https://www.antiparosphotofestival.com/

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Environmental & Cultural Park Festival 2021

Joy and happiness, under the moon

The Environmental and Cultural Park of Ai Giannis Detis, faithful once again to its appointment with the public, is pleased to announce the program of the Festival in the Park for 2021.

Info: https://parospark.com/?page_id=2579

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«La Bella Greca» or what is left

Art installation

The artist Irini Tsiraki and the performer Frosso Zagoraiou who live and work in Paros, inspired by the heroine of the Greek revolution Manto Mavrogenous create an art installation in order to present it in the places where the heroine lived and acted.

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Athanasiadou Gallery

Athanasiadou Gallery presents the SHOWTIME project on the island of Paros.

The project consists entirely of drawings, sculptures and paintings by artists of the new generation curated by art historian Marina Athanasiadou. Artists: Giorgos Aggelopoulos, Kostis Velonis, Giorgos Gerontidis, Nikos Goulis, Michalis Zacharias, Apostolos Delakos, Ingo Dunnebier, Rania Emmanouilidou, Lina Theodorou, Fotini Kariotaki, Maro Fasouli, Alexandros Touliopoulos, Woozy.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AthanasiadouGallery/

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Ciné Enastron

Open air movie theatre

Cine Enastron is an open air movie theatre venue, for film watching under the stars. It is a screening and lecture venue for residents and visitors who search for that special magic that only a good movie can create under the stars and by the sea. The screenings begin at 21:00 and admission is free.

See the schedule here:


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