Athanasiadou Gallery

Flip flops et cetera

The project is a pattern of drawings, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, installations and video art. The artists participating are the enfants qatés of the new contemporary art scene in Greece. Starting point of the show is the Flip Flop Arts Movement in Lamy, Kenya.


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Routes in Marpissa

The wheat is sown, harvest is coming. Do not boast before you see the end.

This year’s festival Routes in Marpissa is dedicated to the harvest in the Parian “katikia”, returning for the 12th year, consistent in its appointment with the public, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of August.

More information and syllabus:

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Environmental & Cultural Park Festival 2022

Joy and happiness, under the moon

The Environmental and Cultural Park of Ai Giannis Detis, faithful once again to its appointment with the public, is pleased to announce the program of the Festival in the Park for 2022.


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Antiparos International Photo Festival


Out of 61 excellent submissions for the Antiparos International Photo Festival, our Selection Committee has selected 15 who will show their work in Antiparos in July of this year.

July 10th-18th, Kastro Antiparos

You can read more about them at

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Ciné Enastron

Open air movie theatre

Cine Enastron is an open air movie theatre venue, for film watching under the stars. It is a screening and lecture venue for residents and visitors who search for that special magic that only a good movie can create under the stars and by the sea. The screenings begin at 21:00 and admission is free.

See the schedule here:

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