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Lufuki is an amalgamation of two peoples’ ideas. Co-founder Joseph wanted a technologically advanced aerobic facility to teach and curate programs designed around longevity and health span. Co-founder Vivian wanted a welcoming and homey environment to build a community of like-minded people who hold well-being as one of their core principles.

Tel.: +30 22840 53054

E > hello@lufukicycle.com


Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090413392671

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NoDāta Architecture

Design & Construction Management

We are a fresh, creative team looking to craft unique architectural experiences. We constantly strive to get the best out of each project, exploring new territories in the fields of architecture and design. Get in touch and let’s start a project together!

PAROS: Manto Mavrogenous Square Paroikía || Tel.: 22840 21936

ATHENS: Asklipiou 156 || Tel.: 210 6452001

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Welcome to Engel & Völkers, your real estate agent in Greece

Real estate in Greece, like other locations in the Mediterranean region, is often associated with high-quality living, comfort, beautiful natural surroundings, and the typically relaxed Greek way of life.

Τ > +30 211 105 5000

E > athensmmc@engelvoelkers.com


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Cannelait (/kan.le/)

Pâtisserie artisanale || Specialty coffee

A play on words on 'Canelé', Bordeaux's iconic pastry shaped like a Doric column, 'canne', and 'lait', French for (sugar)cane and milk respectively, the two main ingredients of any dessert. We pledge to maintain an artisanal production that respects seasonality and the savoir-faire of Greek and French pastry.

Tel.: 22840 53456

E > cannelait@gmail.com


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A visual journey!

Experience a Visual Journey through the wonder and beauty of fine art at our gallery! Exhibiting art by local and international artists. Photography / Paintings / Marble / Objects / Textiles / Furniture / Mosaic.

On Naoussa - Marpissa road || Tel.: +30 6941 492868

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Fresh fish and great view

In the area of Ambelas,in a very beautiful location overlooking Naxos, literally on the sea, lies the restaurant - fish tavern Christiana. The best choice for «fish-eaters», the fresh fish and seafood are caught by the restaurant’s private boat. Trust the recommendations of the friendly staff to choose from a variety of flavors that still keep the Parian tradition alive.


Excellent food, kind staff, nice view over the sea!

Open: 12:00 - 23:00

CHRISTIANA - Ambelas || Tel.: +30 22840 51573

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christiana.hotel

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