Toy boats

An old seaside toy turns into a custom and back into a toy!

During the interbellum, when the first tinplate containers became available in the market, the first handmade karava (toy boat) made its first appearance on the island. Some grandfather or parent must have crafted a small tin boat for his child out of the olive oil or feta tin container that was lying about in the house.

Land Policy

An as yet unexplored territory that does exist

Our country boasts numerous islands, probably too many, compared to its size. And yet, for many people, as there is only one mother, so there is only one island –their homeland. And for us, too, here at Parola, there is one and only island, and this is Paros.

Paros today

Paros today

What’s Paros like today? What was it like in the 1950s and what did it look like until a few years ago when it started functioning as a gold mine, and invaders, miners, gold miners and a host of pirates sailed their way here? Once, we used to wait for the “Myrtidiotissa” (a large caique boat looking like a steamer in our eyes) to enter the port twice a week.

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