Elissavet Papazoi

An unknown facet of the Greek-Russian relations

Fifty years prior to the outbreak of the Greek revolution, Paros wrote a very important page in the history of its relations with the Russian superpower. In 2021, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, but we also celebrate the Year of Greek-Russian History, which brings forth the historical encounters between the two peoples over the course of time.

Manto Mavrogenous

The heroine who enchanted Europe

She was called Magdalene and was born in Trieste in 1796. Her virtues, fame and beauty, coupled with her refined manners and European style, and, more importantly, her fearless soul inspired the sensitive youth of Enlightened Europe. A fascinating, romantic, selfless woman, a feminist before the emergence of feminism, a real Greek woman who made history and who gave away profuse love only to receive betrayal in every possible way.

Jeffrey Carson

An American in Paros

When my wife and I moved from New York to Paros in 1970, we could never have imagined that we would spend our whole adult life here. Since Hellas is two-hundred years old, that means we have resided here, much of the time as full citizens, for one quarter of its existence.

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