Pantelis Kalargyros

My customers choose me for my experience
and frankness

Panteli, this year we find you at a new location with a new project. What do you have to say about this?

That’s true. This year we moved to a new area of the island, which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful spots of Antiparos. The view of the harbor provides a calmness and peacefulness and gives you the impression that you are far away. Together with my wife we renovated an existing hotel and created twelve beautiful rooms with a panoramic view. We call it Sunday Hotel, named after our daughter who came into this world at Christmas on a Sunday! We also moved our restaurant for which we are already famous.

How many years have you been working in the food business?

I have to say many years. In 1986 when I was six years old my elder brother opened a restaurant and I worked there until 1996 when it closed for family reasons. After that, in the summer, I worked in two of the oldest restaurants on the island. Later after I graduated from the School of Hotel and Catering Administration I worked as the manager of a hotel restaurant in Paros for five years. In 2006 I opened the restaurant “Pantelis” in the centre of Antiparos, which still runs today in both summer and winter. In 2008 we opened “Soros Beach”, a fish restaurant and cafe in Soros, and this year we moved to Sunday Hotel.

Why do you think your customers prefer you?

My experience and my frankness towards clients as well as my devotion to what I do. I think that I still convince the most demanding of customers. Locally sourced ingredients, which I procure summer and winter from producers and fishermen in the area, are an important part as well. I also have the advantage that one of my family members is a farmer and provides me with local meat and cheese.

What problems do you think businesses face in Greece nowadays?

Ι would like to see the state supporting the young businessperson. The increasing taxation of enterprises and the almost non-existent financing have destroyed the average business. At the same time hardships must not prevent us from trying because this is the only way our country can become a better place.

When Mandalena was filmed you were not yet born. What have you heard about those times?

I heard that there were a lot of people on the island. From what my father told me all of Antiparos became a big studio. Two of my aunts acted as the sisters of Mandalena. I wish I could have been there; it would have been an unforgettable experience. I think this film helped a lot in the promotion of the island.

How would you advise the new mayor?

First of all, I wish him a good tenure and a lot of strength. I think that he should put a priority on completing the water supply and decontamination projects that have already begun, because all the islands have these two problems. The second thing on which I would advise him is to concentrate on tourism, cleanliness, and promotion of the island. For the latter I am sure his team will be able to help because most of them are supportive of tourism.

Enjoy the summer and take care!

Summer 2014