Gi Foskinis


Our company operates in Paros & Antiparos in the field of heating and air conditioning. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we undertake the complete study, installation and supply of equipment of a building of small- & large-scale air conditioners as well as installations of heating & solar systems for the production of DHW in residential buildings offering complete and innovative solutions.

Peripheral road Parikia, Paros || Tel.: 22840 28082 & +30 6982 828082

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Lighting, furniture, decoration

At the central intersection of Parikia, in a welcoming space full of light, you will find selected pieces of lighting, furniture and decoration elements, as well as electrical equipment.

Parikia, Paros || Tel.: 22840 21681

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Design Studio

We create for you the house you have dreamed of. Whether you are in the process of construction or renewal, you will find a reliable consultant with us. Cushions of all kinds, with a wide variety of performance indoor and outdoor fabrics for you to create spaces of relaxation or fun. Each collaboration a journey of colors!

Parikia, Paros 84400 || Tel: 22840 23405 & +30 6936 906626

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