The Varouchas mansion

Human presence shaped the unique atmosphere of each house

On the street leading to Panagia Eleousa (Virgin of Tender Mercy), starting off at the church of Taxiarches and ending at the Upper Gate of the Castle, at today’s 11 Archilochou Street, stands the Varouchas mansion, home to a family with a long history that left its mark mainly in the field of archaeology.

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Education in harmony

Comfort and simplicity, an inseparable unity

Hidden inland, absolutely autonomous place designed by the owner-architect. Comfort and simplicity form one inseparable unity. Creative and imaginative use of traditional elements, minimum intervention in the natural environment and the residents’ aesthetics comprise the character of the place.

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The discreet charm of the old aristocracy

The Crispi Mansion

A building emblematic of Parikia’s history and cultural identity is located at Lt Gravaris Street and is easy to recognize from its characteristic arch with a gutter in the shape of a lion head. This year the mansion opens its doors to the public, within the context of the First Festival of Paros due to take place at Parikia on the 13th, the 14th and 15th of July and welcomes its visitors by offering them the opportunity to see behind the walls of this historic house and feel for a while as part of the local history and identity of Parikia.

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