Refreshing breakfast, delightful brunch and delicious cocktails

Start your day enjoying the sea viewand fill up your energy with a delicious breakfast served with a big smile. Come and taste our great variety of snacks all day long. In the evening check our Cocktail Bar and try our cocktails, sharp and imaginative, until the early morning hours with Rock music 80s and 90s and the latest hits in a cool and relaxed atmosphere!


Rock music 80s and 90s and the latest hits in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Open: 08:00 - 04:00

Pisso Livadi port || Tel.: 22840 28740


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Peace & mediterranean dishes

In Agios Dimitrios in Naoussayou will find Glafkos, a small white restaurant with a beautiful view that has been there for the past 23 years. Perfect for lunch and dinner, with a pleasant shady veranda, Glafkos restaurant offers a peaceful environment and the enjoyment of a meal by the water. With an impressive menu and gourmet flavours, Glafkos invites you to try Mediterranean dishes with traditional Greek products, mainly from Crete and Epirus.


Vegetarian, vegan choices, gluten free dishes.

Open: 12:00 - 24:00

Naoussa || Tel.: 22840 52100


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The terrace of Lefkes

On the most beautiful terrace of Lefkes, in the tavern of Flora, you will taste traditional Greek dishes with fresh Parian products, made with taste by her hands. Chickpeas in the oven, lettuce leaves stuffed with rice, roasted rooster are some of the dishes she prepares every day. On the grill you will find wonderful skewers and local meats, well cooked and juicy ribs, steaks, skewers, burgers and sausages and more.


While the stomach fills pleasantly, the eye is full with the view - Lefkes from above and in the background Naxos.

Open: 12:00 - 23:00

Lefkes || Tel.: 22840 43130


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Delicacies in a box

This summer, the experience continues at KOUZINA with home-cooked Greek & Mediterranean dishes, dips, salads & desserts, inspired by the tradition of our land and of the Mediterranean. We value the quality of the ingredients, cherish our local suppliers that ensure a healthy and delicious result with a fresh and modern approach. This summer, our veggie garden is growing for more fresh, local & organic options. We offer an A La Carte Menu for the days you want to stay in and entertain your tastebuds and your friends. Fine Dining, from our kitchen to your Holiday Home table. When Takeaway Food IS Good food.


Fresh healthy food. Vegan, vegetarian & gluten free options.

Main Peripheral Road, Naoussa, (between Yoga Shala & Antonis Sweet Shop) || Τηλ.: 22843 01349

Facebook: || Instagram:

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Brings the sea to your plate

What happens when local fresh fish and local products make their way to the kitchen of a good cook? You can find out with your own palate, if you go down to Pisso Livadi and the family fish tavern ouzeri Halaris. This where delicious meze and positive atmosphere are created. With their own fishing boat the family sees to bringing the sea to your plate! The venue offers a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices plus the steady quality and the experience of taste and hospitality!

Tip: Exquisite flavours and genuine Parian hospitality!

Pisso Livadi, tel. 22840.43257

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O Xilofournos

With love and sourdough

Memories of tastes from pre-tourist Paros, sourdough bread in a traditional wood oven, chocolate of their production, a variety of pastries, ice-cream made with fresh milk, fantastic sandwiches, bagels, puff pastries, excellent chicken pie and amazing coffee to go. Xilofournos loves tradition, but it also likes to experiment and create new irresistible food temptations.

Main shop: Isterni (main road Naoussa - Drios), Tel.: 22840.52750 ||

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Excellent food and great view

With emphasis on quality meat, Mediterranean cuisine and good wine. Since 1997 we operate as a family restaurant. In our restaurant you will find dry curing steaks from small Greek farms, excellent meat on spit, Mediterranean cuisine and a large wine list. We expect you on our amazing terrace with a view to Naxos, in Lefkes, the most beautiful village of Paros.



Great specialization in meat and taste for good wine

Open: 12:00 - 24:00

Lefkes, tel.: 22840.43089 || E-mail:



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Dinner with a sunset view

Fresh fish & seafood, served in the most idyllic location of Paros. Axinos Restaurant serves the freshest fish & seafood, right in front of the old port in Naoussa. Enjoy a journey into the Mediterranean cuisine... with a twist. A great selection of fish and seafood is offered to you in an elegant atmosphere to enhance your eating experience. Fresh sushi creations and the most imaginative cocktails are also available in a lavish space on the top floor balcony. As always, overlooking the old Naoussa Port, our sushi bar elevates your tasting experience to the highest level imaginable.


Mediterranean flavours with an air of luxury!

Naoussa, Old Port || Tel.: 22840.53388


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Buon Vento

Italian wind

Fresh ingredients from the orchard, “talkative smells” from the kitchen, two hearty Italian hosts who love to match their Napolitan roots with the local products creating dishes which are the fruit of the encounter of two mediterranean cultures that have a lot to share. Try the penne al dente, fried pizza, spaghetti 500 with sea-bass fillet, cherry tomatoes and parsley, and their terrific dessert Babba, straight from the streets of Naples. Tradition and innovation a la Buonvento!


Watch the preparation of mozzarella at the special events!

Opening hours: 13:00 - 17:00 & 19:00 - 23:00

Messada, Marpissa, tel.: 22840.42694 & 6971.914063 ||

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