Toy boats

An old seaside toy turns into a custom and back into a toy!

During the interbellum, when the first tinplate containers became available in the market, the first handmade karava (toy boat) made its first appearance on the island. Some grandfather or parent must have crafted a small tin boat for his child out of the olive oil or feta tin container that was lying about in the house.

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Paros of the 80s

A photographic reminiscence from Yiannis Vitzilaios's archive

An island in advanced adolescence, right in the prime of its youth. An island at its peak moment –this is what Paros was like back in the 1980s. A true destination of respite and relaxation in an era of unmitigated innocence depicted through the black and white allure of a photo collection.

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Paros today

Paros today

What’s Paros like today? What was it like in the 1950s and what did it look like until a few years ago when it started functioning as a gold mine, and invaders, miners, gold miners and a host of pirates sailed their way here? Once, we used to wait for the "Myrtidiotissa" (a large caique boat looking like a steamer in our eyes) to enter the port twice a week.

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A shelter in nature


With a presence of over 20 years in Paros and with the participation of volunteers, the PAROS ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY-PAWS, has managed to build and operate for 2 years now a model, ecological and highly aesthetic pet shelter in Marathi, fully licensed and with all hygiene and safety rules.

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Piracy in the Aegean

Myths & truths

In Naoussa, Paros, a re-enactment event called “Koursaroi” (pirates) is held every year on the occasion of the ninth day of the afterfeast of the Dormition of the Mother of God on the 23rd of August. Young men, dressed as pirates, as old-time seafarers, that is – or should we picture them as one-eyed and peg-legged? – step aboard boats and all kinds of vessels, then storm the port of Naoussa and abduct women. Next, the people of Naoussa counterattack and take their women back, saving them and their honour from the much-hated, barbarous pirates!

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Please tread softly on the island

Take back with you only photographs & memories

In the year 2019, which was, supposedly, the last normal year for tourism before the pandemic hit, more that 1,000,000 people visited Paros island. The vast majority came in the 6-month period between May and October, and more that 400,000 visited in peak season, between June and September. Permanent or semi-permanent residents of Paros do not exceed 20,000.

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Migratory birds in Psaralyki of Antiparos

A short rest in a long journey…

Country borders do not stop birds. They fly easily over when they search for the best living conditions for themselves and their young. Some birds stop for a while on Antiparos, to eat and get enough energy for a further journey, either north or south.

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