Paulien Lethen

Citizen of the world

Paulien Lethen is a visual artist from Holland and a citizen of the world. As the true artist that she is, she turns every space she lives in, into an art space; the Azari house in Parikia, her summer house in Kounados as well as her winter main house in Newburgh, New York. In this interview we follow her life across Paros, Japan, Paros again and finally New York in her own words.

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A farewell to Kostas Fifas and «LEFKES CERAMICS»

The name Konstantinos comes from the Latin word “Constantia” which means “steadfastness”

So, Kostas stands for “steadfast”. Such was Costas Fifas, who left us two days before his name day, last May.

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Stelios Ghikas

Τhe potter on the mountain

A graphic designer, a potter, and president of the Cultural Association of Archilochos on Paros. I interrogated Stelios Ghikas on his three commitments one morning of May, when I went uphill from Kostos to his observatory, following a sign that read: Yria Ceramics. I found myself in front of a minimal and elegant complex: the Shop, a pottery show and sales room, the enclosed Herbarium and the pottery studio. My attention was drawn to the red slide entitled “Indecision” and crafted by Dimitra Chanioti, which I had only seen in photographs, as well as Ingbert Brunk’s marble sculptures.

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Fotini Zafeiropoulou

On holiday with an archaeologist

Summer of 2020. Unprecedented conditions for a Cycladic summer. The pandemic, the few visitors to the island, the excursions and guided tours that did not take place, changed the usual summer look of the island. So, I found myself being on holiday rather than running to museums, archaeological sites and historic settlements with groups of tourists, who are so happy with such activities. Aegean holidays, first time so long, full of sunny beaches and blue sea.

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Marios Fournaris: In Alkyoni Association every life matters!

26 years of love for nature

Respect for life with no exceptions, efficiency and organization, a quiet presence on the island, and a love for nature. On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Alkyoni Wildlife Care & Protection Association’s establishment in Paros, we asked its president, Marios Fournaris, to answer our questions.

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Elissavet Papazoi

An unknown facet of the Greek-Russian relations

Fifty years prior to the outbreak of the Greek revolution, Paros wrote a very important page in the history of its relations with the Russian superpower. In 2021, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, but we also celebrate the Year of Greek-Russian History, which brings forth the historical encounters between the two peoples over the course of time.

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Wim Drion

A Parian Dutch

In 2008, a painting exhibition entitled “Dutch Artists on Paros” was held at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, in Parikia. Out of the five artists who participated in the exhibition, the most Parian one was definitely Wim Drion, not just because his work is inspired by the Parian landscape –both natural and man-made, not only because the Aegean light seeps right through it, but also because Wim Drion, along with his wife Eva are, I feel, much more deeply integrated into the Parian society and cultural life than the rest of the foreign artists living here.

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The Theater at Paros

An applause for seven groups!

“In the province, the window replaces the theatre and the promenades” Gustave Flaubert wrote, circa 1850. In 2017 at Paros seven notable theatre groups have been ready -for a long time now- to prove him wrong. Their activities, the excellent acting level, the very carefully chosen repertory and the enthusiastic response of the public have created small intellectual circles which stimulate the interest one might have as a spectator or as a participant. The small theatre halls participate in a mystagogy, behind the scene of the easy tourist picture, while the 29th Meeting of the Aegean Amateur Dramatics at Paros will undoubtedly be the island’s top cultural event.

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Manolis Korres

The underground quarries of Paros are a great world heritage

Sharp and fair, bold and at the same time fascinating in his speech, Manolis Korres is a man who dedicated his life to the history of architecture. With a renowned work in the Parthenon and the Holy Sepulchre restoration, his career is full of honours such as the title of member of the Athens Academy. In Parola, he talked about everything and especially about the ancient marble quarries of Paros, this open wound at the side of the island.

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