Paulien Lethen

Citizen of the world

Paulien Lethen is a visual artist from Holland and a citizen of the world. As the true artist that she is, she turns every space she lives in, into an art space; the Azari house in Parikia, her summer house in Kounados as well as her winter main house in Newburgh, New York. In this interview we follow her life across Paros, Japan, Paros again and finally New York in her own words.

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Anna Kortianou-Kagani

Paros is the island of ancient and modern culture

Anna Kortianou-Kagani has intertwined her name with the culture of Paros and is the person one is bound to run into in practically every event related to it. Whether it be an exhibition, a live performance, a concert, a lecture or a hiking venture, Anna Kagani is always present. Active, approachable and practically-minded, she has all the attributes needed for a plan to go forward and not remain just an aspiration.

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Thyme honey of the Cyclades

A gift of Nature

Food of the gods and humans, a source of excellent nutrients, a product of the wondrous bee society that makes up a complete therapeutic treatment for the body. Thyme honey is undoubtedly the gold of the Cyclades! An interview of Angelos Pitsikalis and Argyris Loukis.

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Rafaela Zahioti

The greatest joy in life is to become a mother. The second greatest is to become a midwife

Rafaela Zahioti has graduated with a top degree from the Western Macedonian Technological and Educational Institute in the sector of Midwifery. After her internship in Athenian and Regional hospitals and with Paros as her prospective she participated in the competition for the vacant position of the midwife in the Health Centre of Paros and Antiparos where she was appointed.

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Argiris Tantanis

The island has terrific prospects. This creates expectations and obligations

He is one of the first persons you see when you approach the square of Naousa. He struggles to keep it picturesque, hospitable and free of cars. After all, visitors have travelled thousands of miles to enjoy a coffee or a stroll here. Argiris Tsantanis is the first one they ask for every kind of information.

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Paminos Georgiadis

The cooperation with Tsarouchis shaped me both culturally and aesthetically

With Paminos we first met ten years ago at Piso Livadi, drinking mint liqueur with soda. Three years ago, I had the honour of living for one summer in one of his houses, the one that is above his own. This experience -a very edifying one for me was the important starting point of a visual quest. Paminos soon became a father figure; since his critique was not limited to the Sailors I was preparing but embraced every aspect of my life. Today I conclude the essence of his teaching; his insistence on Hellenism source of internal freedom.

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Eleni Philippopoulou

I work with the gesture and the somewhat random element, but ultimately it is me that directs it

An invitation to the house of some friends, a piece of land on sale next to it, her love for sailing, her own house at Santa Maria, her 25 year old relation with the island. Eleni Philippopoulou paints idiosyncratically and admits that Paros always “slips into” her palette.

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Argiris Papadimitropoulos

Antiparos is a return to a root I have chosen

A middle-aged provincial doctor, a girl under the hot summer sun, youth, loneliness, a misunderstanding, Antiparos… Argyris Papadimitropoulos, director of the film Suntan, talks about his leads and the shootings on the island which for years now has been his chosen place.

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Apostolos Kakoliris

If the parents don’t play with their kid, no matter how many toys it may have it won’t be happy

He settled at Paros ten years ago, simply because “it is paradise”, as he has told us. Soon afterwards he created Felix, a very distinctive toy shop and then the Felix Kid’s creative centre at which parents and children discovered a really creative way to enjoy themselves.

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