Antonis Halaris

I only know this job, this is what I do!

We all know that fish is one of the most loved foods and, in fact, this has been so since the old days. What is not so well-known is that the approximately 300 fishermen of Paros have recently dropped to 200, and keep dwindling in number. As a result, in the summer, we here on Paros often eat fish from nets of unknown origin, unless we eat out at tavernas that have their own caique boat. But these are just a handful. A lot has changed in the fishing sector in recent years, and work has become easier, but the number of fishermen is constantly declining and the subsidies they receive are eating up their boats.

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Nikos Synodis

Is it possible to live two lives in one? Well, it seems so!

In the case of Nikos Synodis, at least, this is what happened. He passed from life to death and back to life again. And he started over from scratch. Several of his life files, including that of speech, were corrupted and had to be reconstructed from the beginning. But others, such as painting and his passion for the theatre, remained intact and good to go, though in a different form.

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Mary Chatzaki

10 years anti art gallery in Antiparos

The “anti” art gallery first opened its doors in the summer of 2012, in a Lilliputian 6x3x3m space right by the entrance to the Castle hosting painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, photography, graphic design and video art exhibitions until the autumn of 2022, when it closed. For more than ten years, it gave us a host of memorable moments. Both the gallery and the Antiparos International Photo Festival marked the island’s cultural life for as long as they lasted. In the following interview, Mary Chatzaki, the gallery’s founder, talks to us about these ten high-impact years.

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Angelika Vaxevanidou

Limitations liberate!

Angelika Vaxevanidou is based in Lefkes keeping her studio in the centre of the village. She is a painter and sculptor endowed with the full range of gifts that art bestows upon its disciples – talent, anguish, concern, constant questioning, constant seeking…

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Todd Marshard

Pottery is a creative outlet and challenge

Hidden in the picturesque alleys of Lefkes, right before the great church of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity) lies the workshop of Todd Marshard. In perfect harmony with the surroundings, the shop –and workshop- lets you into the world of the artist who left New York and a successful career as a fashion photographer, and landed on Paros where he opened his shop and dedicated himself on the art of ceramics. His pottery, unique and personal, his photos on the walls echo his past as a fashion photographer and his creations with pebbles or other materials picked up from the beaches of Paros, speak of his relation with nature.

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Alain Wolff & Brigitte Thommen

Ceramics is compatible with our lifestyle

NOE ceramics is one of the oldest and best-established businesses on Paros. The brand which, for 23 years, has been synonymous with minimalism, clean-cut design and bright colours is the brainchild of Swiss-Parians Pierre-Alain Wolff and Brigitte Thommen, known by the locals as Petros and Brigitte. Following the road signs along the way, you find yourself in an idyllic corner of western Paros, near Aspro Chorio, where you can discover their beautiful clay artistry displayed in a natural setting unspoilt and untouched by time and overdevelopment.

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Paulien Lethen

Citizen of the world

Paulien Lethen is a visual artist from Holland and a citizen of the world. As the true artist that she is, she turns every space she lives in, into an art space; the Azari house in Parikia, her summer house in Kounados as well as her winter main house in Newburgh, New York. In this interview we follow her life across Paros, Japan, Paros again and finally New York in her own words.

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Anna Kortianou-Kagani

Paros is the island of ancient and modern culture

Anna Kortianou-Kagani has intertwined her name with the culture of Paros and is the person one is bound to run into in practically every event related to it. Whether it be an exhibition, a live performance, a concert, a lecture or a hiking venture, Anna Kagani is always present. Active, approachable and practically-minded, she has all the attributes needed for a plan to go forward and not remain just an aspiration.

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Thyme honey of the Cyclades

A gift of Nature

Food of the gods and humans, a source of excellent nutrients, a product of the wondrous bee society that makes up a complete therapeutic treatment for the body. Thyme honey is undoubtedly the gold of the Cyclades! An interview of Angelos Pitsikalis and Argyris Loukis.

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Rafaela Zahioti

The greatest joy in life is to become a mother. The second greatest is to become a midwife

Rafaela Zahioti has graduated with a top degree from the Western Macedonian Technological and Educational Institute in the sector of Midwifery. After her internship in Athenian and Regional hospitals and with Paros as her prospective she participated in the competition for the vacant position of the midwife in the Health Centre of Paros and Antiparos where she was appointed.

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