Marina Kortianou

Interview: Maro Voulgari | Photo: Nikos Zappas

People look for simplicity and truth. This is the most genuine and effective tourist code

“It is a simple and comfortable lounge café at which the visitors can sit back all-day round and feel at home”. This was Marina Kortianou’s dream 11 years ago and she created the café, without any concessions in her original plans. The family building flourished. An exquisite place with floral couches, a green garden and especially Marina give you a warm welcome at Naoussa square.

Describe the Konstatza Café in a few words.
Comfortable, cozy, very Greek, playful, child friendly, gay friendly, pet friendly, with lounge music, many niches and a flexible list for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner and cocktails…

It is very interesting that you have a special corner where children can spend time without bothering their parents.
It was something spontaneous, I started it for the children of my friends and then it got established without any effort by me. Now the children’s corner is an integral part of the café. The same is true of the winter activities we organize for children and adults, with a high participation.

You grew up at this square and at this yard.
Indeed, I grew up at a house of 1600, at the side of the café. I remember my grandmother looking after this garden and speaking to the flowers and on the other hand I also remember the building which today houses Konstantza to be the island’s first morning hang out, “The Gull”.
The space changed several owners and then I decided to try my hand with something quite new for that time.
My basic care, however, was the garden.
I didn’t want to disturb the privacy of my home, but I managed with the help of a low fence to have the café “breathe” the garden.

What has the Konstantza cafe offered to you, besides the means of living?
It is a journey in the world. I have made friends all over the planet and they visit me without fail each year. On the other hand, I also fell in love with travelling. Every winter I indulge in this luxury. When you are open, a tourist place broadens your horizons.

Which is the best seller of your list?
The first one is surely grandmother Konstantza’s lemonade, prepared according to her own recipe from Asia Minor. I like it very much and it has a metaphysically distinctive presence in this place.
The second is my own fresh ravioli with cream cheese and spinach. It is a dish I tried last year with love and some doubts as well, but it proved me right in the end.

Summer 2017