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INTERVIEW: Konstantinos Mitsatsos

Tell us a few words about your company
With a 25-plus-year trajectory in the sector of communication, design and specialized construction, setting up GECO was just the next logical step for us. Our main goal is the delivery of exclusively designed and well-engineered projects that offer dream residences and experiences.

How do you ensure, as a company, harmony between aesthetics and functionality?
We glorify high-end aesthetics in everything we do! Yet, we strongly oppose anything that is all about aesthetics but lacks functionality. We set about designing on a purely functional basis and we do not consider addressing the aesthetic attributes of the project until immediately afterwards. This may sound straightforward and simple indeed, but, believe me, it isn’t…!

In a period that climatic change influences the buying habits of many people, how do you make sure that your products are friendly to the environment?
We relocated permanently to Paros 11 years ago with a view to offering our son a more natural environment to grow up in. We’re smitten with the island and aim at sustaining its natural wealth with our every endeavour – personal or corporate. As a result, all of us at GECO apply the latest green building standards and certification schemes, and more.

What are the reasons that contribute to the building development on the island?
Paros is magic, it’s an infatuation! To put it simply: outstanding beaches, safe and clean surroundings, a natural feel, kite & windsurfing, accessibility, an efficient road network, smiles, clubbing, shopping, and great food! What’s not to like?

Would you reveal to us the secret of your success?
Labouring out of love, creativity, constant attention to detail, streamlining our operations to ensure the delivery of an outcome that bears our distinctive signature, as well as our select partners and suppliers are the secrets to our success. “Success” to us means love for the creative process, which we employ throughout our projects, in each and every one of their phases!

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