Paminos Georgiadis

The cooperation with Tsarouchis shaped me both culturally and aesthetically

With Paminos we first met ten years ago at Piso Livadi, drinking mint liqueur with soda. Three years ago, I had the honour of living for one summer in one of his houses, the one that is above his own. This experience -a very edifying one for me was the important starting point of a visual quest. Paminos soon became a father figure; since his critique was not limited to the Sailors I was preparing but embraced every aspect of my life. Today I conclude the essence of his teaching; his insistence on Hellenism source of internal freedom.

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Eleni Philippopoulou

I work with the gesture and the somewhat random element, but ultimately it is me that directs it

An invitation to the house of some friends, a piece of land on sale next to it, her love for sailing, her own house at Santa Maria, her 25 year old relation with the island. Eleni Philippopoulou paints idiosyncratically and admits that Paros always “slips into” her palette.

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Argiris Papadimitropoulos

Antiparos is a return to a root I have chosen

A middle-aged provincial doctor, a girl under the hot summer sun, youth, loneliness, a misunderstanding, Antiparos… Argyris Papadimitropoulos, director of the film Suntan, talks about his leads and the shootings on the island which for years now has been his chosen place.

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Yiannis Ragos

A writer deserves to be called a writer if he is primarily a reader

He is a writer, journalist, founding member of the Greek Club of Detective Fiction Writers, a lover of Chandler and Hammet and a Parian on his mother’s side. Yiannis Ragos has told us that detective literature is not a literature of brain teasing and that a writer deserves to be called a writer if he is primarily a reader.

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Paros Festival July 12th, 13th, & 14th 2019

Paros: a place made of stories

Paros Festival, for a second consecutive year, guides us to a different Paros through the stories, narratives, experiences, and memories of its inhabitants. The stories we’ve forgotten, the memories that didn’t get narrated, and the experiences that were never recorded in the official history will be the protagonists of the rich and original program of cultural events that have been carefully designed to welcome everyone, young and old, visitors and locals.

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Achilleas Christidis

I could easily be a painter of large surfaces

Achilleas Christidis started his career as a painter with an exhibition at the “Medusa” Art gallery of Maria Demetriades. He lived the Paros of the 80’s, adored the cuisine of Arghiro Barbarighou and this year he is coming to Antiparos for his third exhibition at the “anti” gallery of Mary Chatzaki on 8/6-3/7.

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Ten years of “Routes”

Come, walk... and celebrate with us in Marpissa!

In Paros the word Routes means “Routes in Marpissa”. If you are from Marpissa you know the first name of everybody involved in this renowned festival. However, if you read articles or interviews with the mass or social media you won’t find even a single name. Here the ‘I” has given way to the “We”: the volunteer group of the Routes.

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