The treasures of Greek gastronomy

Text: Pavlow Methenitis

“All mushrooms are edible, but some only once,” notes George Pittas in “The treasures of Greek gastronomy” (Paros: Koilada Lefkon Publications, 2014)

All books are read at least once, but that’s not the case with this substantial atlas of Greek gastronomy, which can be read either as a reference book to get enlightened, among other things, on batsos (hard white cheese, p. 291), the association between tomatoes and communism (p. 211) and the culinary treasures of Paros (p. 64, 127, 137, 249, 269), or at one go, just like a novel.

A luscious distillation of a long-lasting research project carried out by the eminent author who has distinguished himself not only in the hospitality sector, with his unit in Lefkes, Paros, but also through his prolific activity as Head of Greek Breakfast – a programme launched by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels aiming to connect the hotel industry to the gastronomic wealth of every region.