The Sports Clubs in Paros

Text: Rania Kalapoda | Photo: Ioanna Fysilani

The joy of “good sportsmanship”

Paros and Antiparos have gladly played host to sports as the high number of sporting events available at the islands can testify.

This feature presents the work and the activities of the various sporting clubs. In the summer months, they organize an increased number of events available not only to the locals but also to those enjoying their vacations on the island.

Athletics is the best route to physical and mental health. At the same time those practicing sports learn how to play fairly and respect their teammates and especially their opponents. Find out the sporting activity that best suits you and make it part of your life.
Let’s spread the joy of “good sportsmanship”.

Paros Athletic Club (A.O.P.)

Paros Athletic Club came from “Archilochos” culture club. Based in ​​Parikia, the club is the largest on the island of Paros, numbering 450 currently active athletes, children and adults. As the club’s president, Mrs. Maria Koutsonikoli, characteristically told me that “sports is a joyful way out for children.”

The club offers:

Football, the team has been in existence since 1990 thanks to the late Vassilios Yannakidis and Mr. Filippos Tsandanis, who played a decisive role in what the team has become today. A member of the Hellenic Football Federation and the only club that participates in all championship divisions of the Cyclades Football Clubs Association, it has garnered a number of distinctions.

Basketball, the team has been more active as of 2012, thanks to Mr. Andonis Lambros. It is a member of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, and takes part in the Cyclades Basketball Clubs Association games.

Volleyball, the team started in 2010 on Mr. Dimitris Sifnaios’ initiative A member of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation, it participates annually in the championships of a local association.

Swimming, it was introduced in 2012, at the request of several parents. Lessons take place only in the summer, at sea. It is a member of the Hellenic Swimming Federation, and has received major distinctions in the Panhellenic Leagues Championship.

Field events, they were added to the club’s programme in 2015. It is a member of Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS), with athletes receiving high distinctions every year. Let’s point out that, in Paros, it’s the only club offering an athletics field.

During the summer, additional activities are held and you are welcomed to register even if you are a visitor. On 8 June 2019, the 9th 53-km Paros ultramarathon race was held in cooperation with the Municipality of Paros, while on 3 July 2019, a 10-day basketball camp will be offered under basketball player Giorgos Karagoutis.

Tel. 22840.23010 –  6945.430468

A.M.E.S. Nireas

The AMES Nireas club was founded in 1959, by a group of young people who wanted to promote sports and culture in Naoussa.

The President, Mr Manolis Sifneos, has told us that the club urges children to take part in athletic activities so that they can have a good time, exercise and have experiences in a healthy environment. “Participation, not victory is our goal”, he said.

At AMES Nireas there are football and volley departments open from September to June. The football department is open to ages from 4 to 40 years and the volley department from 8 to 50. Every year the teams take part in various contests with considerable success.

Every two years the club organizes the “Nireas Fair” within the context of summer events.

Tel. 22840-53143
Sifneos Manolis: 6977082640
Paloumpi Mirto: 6974833809

Asteras of Marmara

Asteras of Marmara was founded in 1978 by a group of people who wanted to set up a football team.

When asked to tell me what words he would use to encourage a child to take up sport, the club’s president Mr. Vazaios Petropoulos answered: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” He went on to add: “At a time when children have to cope with hectic daily schedules, with the constant flow of to-do’s to manage –school, then home, then studying, then after-school crammer classes, at a time when childhood and juvenile obesity has reached epidemic proportions as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, but above all at a time when juvenile delinquency and antisocial behaviour are all too common, the answer is turning to sports.”

The club features youth and adult football teams for ages 5 to 45. Every year, it competes in the 3rd division of the Cyclades football league, and among its immediate plans is holding summer sports events.
The club’s facilities are located at the Archilochos Municipal Stadium in the community of Marmara.

Tel. 22840-45424


The club was founded in 1963 by a group of young people who wanted to set up an amateur football club.

Marpissaikos president, Mr. Prodromos Mamassis, aims at “good recreational athletics in the bosom of a sports family,” as he said.
The club features soccer and basketball teams. Children’s football programme starts at age 5, and basketball at age 8. As for an age limit, he pointed out that “there’s no stopping in doing sport.”

Every year, they compete in championships garnering a number of important distinctions. During the summer months, additional events are held, where visitors to the island are welcomed as well.

The divisions are hosted at the Archilochos Marpissa Multi-purpose Hall, the Marpissa Community Gym and the Archilochos Marmara Municipal Gym. Let’s also note that, over the next two years, there’s hope they’ll become the proud owners of their own turf field.


NAIAS (Nautical Club of Naoussa, Paros)

The Nautical Club Naias was founded in 1932 at the initiative of Emmanouel Sagriotis. It had an educational, cultural and social character. On the already existing roots, there was a restart in 2017, thanks to members of “Kapetaneika”, the Paros Park and other individuals active in this field.

Naias is not just a nautical club but a noteworthy association involved in issues related to the sea and coastal environment and to nautical heritage and culture.

The club President Mr, Tassos Kasapidis has told us that their goal is to maintain and cultivate the people’s relation with the sea, promote environmental sensitivity, develop athleticism and uphold our heritage. He also placed emphasis on the excellent cooperation with the other nautical clubs on the island.

The club provides sailing lessons all the year round and in the summer swimming lessons for children and adults.

Sailing lessons are available for children over 7-8 years, on the condition they can swim, and swimming lessons are open for children over 3 years old. In the near future the club will probable operate kite and beach volley departments. Even if you are a visitor to the island you can register with the various departments.

The club takes part in the Pan-Hellenic and regional championships as well as in local contests. Its headquarters is at Ag. Ioannis Detis.

Τηλ. 6974.903604
Facebook ΝΑΪΑΣ

Nautical Club of Antiparos (N.O.A.)

The Antiparos Nautical Club (N.O.A.) was founded in 2004 at the initiative of Elias Kanetoulis, so that its members can get acquainted with sailing.

During the friendly talk we had with the club President Yiannis Faroupos, the vice-president Anastassios Marinatos and the sailing department head Panayiotis Faroupos it was evident that despite difficulties in funding, they all fanatically love and feel proud of the club activities.

The club organizes sailing and swimming courses only during the summer months.

Sailing lessons are given to children over six years old –on the condition that they know how to swim– and to adults as well, either in groups or individually.

Every October the club members take part in sailing competitions held on the island or elsewhere, while once a year they take part in the Aegean islands and Crete competition in a bid to qualify for the National Team.

They have also successfully taken part in the Pan-Hellenic Optimist and Laser 4.7 Championship. where they have attained a few distinctions.

In the summer months both locals and visitors can be informed about any other events that may take place such as the swimming race “Paros-Antiparos channel crossing” that traditionally takes place during the first week of July. Running competitions and mountain biking are some more of the club activities.

Till recently the club installations were at the Agios Spiridon beach. In the immediate future however only swimming lessons will be given at this beach while the sailing lessons will take place at the Psaraliki 2 beach.

Tel. 6974.48567

Paros Nautical Club (N.O.P.)

The Paros Nautical Club was founded in 1992 by people sharing the same vision and a deep love for the sea. Its President is Mr. Elias Kountromichalis and its installations are located at the region of Livadia, Parikia.

The club activities include sailing, swimming and beach volley.
The following sailing courses are available all the year round:

Triangle sailing courses (optimist, laser) for beginners and advanced participants. The club members take part in club, regional, Pan-Hellenic, Balkan, European and world contests, having won a number of distinctions.

Open Sea Sailing for adults over 18 years of age. Participants have the opportunity to get a coastal skipper licence.

Swimming takes place in the sea, in the summer months. There are courses for children over 3 years old and for adults as well, all the year round. The club organizes triathlon and channel crossing events and the internal swimming championship “Vrakas”.

Beach volley activities are available only in the summer at the blue flag beach of Livadia. The courses are open to both adults and children, while tournaments are held with the participation of athletes of all ages.

Visitors can participate in the club activities and also enjoy the sun and the sea at the hospitable club installations.

The club aims at promoting nautical sports and cultivating love for the sea and respect for the sea environment. Anyway, what is important is that at the Nautical Club of Paros, the first thing the children learn is to be “captains” of themselves and then of boats. That’s why the first question the coach asks them is: “Do you want to be a captain?”

Tel. & fax 22840.21800
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Paros Cycling Club

The Paros Cycling Club was founded in 2011 by a group of 21 bike fans. Mr Ioannis Koutsautakis is the club President.

The club academies are available to ages over five years. From September to May they organise biking trips, walks and excursions. Its installations are at Naoussa, Paros.

Mr Koutsaftakis has told us that the bike is a means of transport, of entertainment and of exercise. It brings one closer to nature and helps with improving one’s physical condition. It also boosts acuity and reflexes.

Every year the club takes part in the Paros Cycling Tour and in other cycling events, in a bid to promote cycling among children and adults.

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