The people of Despotiko

1. Loukas Ioannou: Marble sculptor, he studied at the School of Fine Arts of Tinos.
He has worked in the restoration of Filipppos’ palace in Vergina.
2. Goulielmos Orestidis: Αrchitect NTUA with postgraduate studies in the protection and restoration of monuments.
Project and supervision of the restoration in Despotiko.
3. Yannos Kourayos: Archaeologist of the Ephorate of the Cyclades, Director of excavation.
He has studied archaeology and conservation of antiquities in Florence.
4. Yannoulis Skaris: Marble worker, native of Tinos.
He has worked in restoration projects all over Greece.
5. Giorgos Kontonikolaou: Marble sculptor, graduated from the School of Tinos.
He runs his own workshop and is a senior student in the School of Fine arts in Athens.
6. Vangelis Chatzis: Marble carver, graduate of the School of Tinos.
He has worked in the Acropolis restoration programme.
7. Giorgos Palamaris: Sculptor, graduate of the School of Tinos and of the School of Fine Arts.
He has worked in restoration projects in the Cyclades.

The people of Despotiko

The archaeologist Yannos Koyrayos and his team posing at Mary Chatzaki’s camera. The photographer shot the restoration work in Despotiko in 2017-18.
This project is presented in an artistic bilingual album published by Melissa editions under the title

Mary Chatzaki started taking photos in the ‘80s, but since 2002, when she landed in Antiparos alone, the camera became her company and cover. “In my photos I crop. Now, because of my age and experience, I crop in life too”.
She has photographed most Antiparians –weddings, christenings, funerals, Mrs. Mary was always there. Faces+Feeling.
“With the people of Despotiko, though, I got very close. It’s a lifetime relationship now”.

“In Chatzaki’s work together with the ancient civilization, the contemporary reality of a future Greece is emphatically presented”, writes Louisa Karapidaki, art historian and curator of the exhibition “The People of Despotiko”.

The exhibition with the friendly participation of photographer Giorgos Kavallis took place this past winter in the Hellenic American College in Athens and will travel to New York to be presented there in the Hellenic Consulate next October.