Archaeological Museum, big hall.

Sculpture Museum Nikolaos Perantinos.

Marpissa Folklore Museum.

Parian “Katikia”.

Ecclesiastical Museum.

Τhe Museums of Paros

Paros’ long and important history is widely recorded in monuments and paths, mansions and churches and of course in the museums of Paros with the Archaeological Museum in Parikia being the first and leading one. As you will see in the following brief presentation, in the museums of Paros you can admire ancient sculpture and pottery, byzantine icons, artifacts and documents from the Venetian rule as well as everyday-life items from Paros and the Aegean and get to know eminent personalities of the island. The smaller ones are open only in the summer. Check the opening hours and don’t forget: the best way to discover Paros’ museums and monuments is a tour with the licensed tourist guides of the island! More info HERE.

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Paros was built in the fifties, on a lot that was donated by the Municipality of Paros and it is the most important archaeological museum of the Aegean.
The exhibition was set by the late ephor of antiquities, Nikolaos Zafiropoulos. Finds from older and recent archaeological research on the island are displayed in the museum. Many of them come from excavations led by the Ephor of Antiquities, Fotini Zafiropoulou and since 1986 in collaboration with Yannos Kourayos, head archaeologist for Paros and Antiparos.
The Museum exhibition develops in the two galleries, the small hall, the atrium as well as the area in front of the museum, where the Roman sarcophagi. The exhibition mainly includes marble sculptures, admirable creations of Parian workshops, carved out of the famous Parian marble, known as «lychnites».
The exhibits are arranged in chronological order and presented in order to highlight their aesthetic value as well as their historical and cultural importance.
The most important exhibits include the Fat Lady from Saliangos (5000 BC), the marble slab from Vintzi, Parikia (700 BC), the oldest sample of grave relief from the ancient Greek art, the Gorgo sculpture from Agios Panteleimon, Parikia (6th c. BC), the relief with Archilochos in a funerary banquet (500 BC), the amazing statue of Nike from Kastro (5th c. BC) and the fragment of the Parian Chronicle, one of the most important works of Greek antiquity. The finds from the excavation in progress in Despotiko are displayed in the small hall.

Εntrance fee: 2€/1€
Οpen: 8am – 3pm except Tuesdays
Parikia – Tel.: 22840 21231

Ecclesiastical Museum

Hosted in the premises of the Ekatontapyliani church. Exhibition includes byzantine icons and religious items from the Ekatontapyliani and other churches of Paros. The entrance fee includes the Baptistery and upper gallery of the church.

Εntrance fee: 2€
Open: 9am – 9pm. Mondays and Wednesdays 9am – 1.30pm & 5.30pm – 9pm
Parikia – Tel.: 22840 21243

Folklore Museum of Lefkes

It is located on the main street of Lefkes, past the main square. Collection of 300 artifacts and tools of professional and private use. Display arranged by Cultural Club YRIA.

Entrance fee: 1€
Open: 25/6 – 5/9 10am – 1pm & 6pm – 10pm
Lefkes – Tel.: 22840 41614 & 41605

Historical and Folklore Museum-Othon Kaparis collection

In this museum you can see the personal collection of the eminent Parian doctor, Othon Kaparis. It includes finds from the mycenean acropolis in Koukounaries, ancient coins, maps and everyday life objects from Paros, maritime instruments, books and a rich photo collection. Yannis Vassiliopoulos runs the museum and guides the visitors.

Entrance fee: 2€
Open: 10am – 1pm & 5pm – 9pm
Naoussa – Tel.: 22840 53453

Folklore Museum of Marpissa

Located in the village, next to Haroula’s tavern, the museum is run by the Association of Women of Marpissa. It has been arranged as a traditional village house and it displays everyday life and professional tools and items, and family relics.

Entrance fee: Free
Open: 7pm – 9pm except Mondays
Marpissa – Tel.: 22840 4121

Museum of Sculpture Nikolaos Perantinos

Sculptures, reliefs and medals donated by the famous Parian artist to his birthplace.

Entrance fee: 2€
Οpen: Thursday to Sunday 10am – 3pm & 7pm – 10pm
Marpissa – Tel.: 22840 41217

Benetos Skiadas Museum “Scorpios”

The self-taught folk artist has crafted anything from ship models to miniatures of traditional and installations as the windmill, the oil press, the distillery and all the important monuments of the Cyclades.

Entrance fee: 2€
Open: 1/5-30/9 10am – 2pm
lyki – Tel.: 22840 91129 & 91391

Μedical Museum of Paros “Georgios Patelis”

Antique medical equipment, personal belongings, letters and old maps of Dr. Georgios Patelis (1910-1991).

Entrance fee: Free
Open: 6pm – 8pm
Parikia, Dimitrakopoulos building – Tel.: 6946409907

Parian “katikia”

This small museum has been arranged by the owners of the Buonvento restaurant into a traditional Parian katikia. The «katikià» are small rural buildings that dot the countryside of the island.

Entrance fee: Free
Open: at Buonvento opening hours

Messada – Tel.: 22840 42694