The Mines of Antiparos
by Angelos Sinanis

Crossing the countryside of Antiparos on foot or by car I had noticed some scattered constructions connected to mining activity and was always curious to learn more about this unknown side of the recent history of the island.

So, I was very happy
when I came across this recent edition (2019) on the Antiparos Mines which examines in depth their history as well as the mining activity in modern Greece.

The data were collected by Angelos Sinanis, Antiparian on his mother side, after a long and painstaking research. The book bridges the present to the past, opens the study of the recent history of Antiparos and lays the foundations for similar monographs in other Aegean islands with mining activity.

It also provides lists of the monuments along the nine mining routes on the micro-maps that follow each route. In addition, the maps created specifically for the edition are accompanied by the geographical coordinates of points of interest, intersections, etc.

Angelos Sinanis was born in Athens in 1960. Motorcycle traveler and researcher since 1985, he has connected among other activities, motorcycle with travelling exploration.

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