The house at Dryos

Text: Avgi Kalogianni | Photos: Dimitris Vranas (A.I.F.)

There are many people who believe that just by buying some furniture and, perhaps, a couple of carpets and lampshades, or even by relying on a specialist to advise them on their selection and arrangement, they are done with interior decoration.

We have seen many houses of that kind lately. These houses, flawless though they might be, and regardless of the skills of their professional decorators, are more like frigid furniture display halls than personal spaces where real people fully live out their lives – they could be called “houses of things”.

But there are also the people’s homes – those exuding a stunning mix of elegance and substance; those reflecting the personality of the people who inhabit them. Houses that contain what could be considered an assemblage of “miss-matched” elements which, together, make up a harmonious, charming ensemble.

One such house is the house at Dryos. It is decorated with objects sourced from travels and wanderings, and its owner always keeps a suitcase by the door ready for the next adventure! The roaming mood may be over now, but what is surely here to stay is a knack and yearning for artistic handicrafts and a love of music.

Recycled materials, driftwoods, a piece off a wooden boat, upcycled objects featuring a gas tank turned into a lamp, cosy corners for every moment of the day, warm and bright colours, and plenty of imagination create a truly unique feel that manifests the owner’s identity in a way that no decorator could ever hope to accomplish!