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INTERVIEW: George Kottikas

What are the steps that should be taken in real estate market research?
The rapid pace of technological advancement is making it easier for more and more people to browse the top real estate websites before embarking on market research. But, in the end, purchasers usually turn to a local real estate agency. The client’s need for personal contact with a real estate consultant, and the trust that develops between them will always remain irreplaceable.

Is a buy-to-let property worth investing in, in 2022?
The staggering tourism growth reported on our islands in recent years has led to a marked shortage of available properties to rent. Therefore, buying a residence for short-term rental purposes is a very good investment. The same is not true for long-term rental.

Could you update us on the pulse of the real estate market on Paros and Antiparos?
At the moment, our islands have taken centre stage in the buying public’s preferences, including both those seeking a holiday home and large investment funds.

Is it possible for non-EU country nationals to acquire a property in Greece?
Surely, it is. In fact, the Greek state is currently implementing the Golden Visa program which grants third country nationals who acquire real estate worth over €250,000 in our country a five-year residence permit – Visa.

What is the secret to your success?
There are no secrets to success. All it takes is hard work, proper training, sound organization and, most importantly, the right partners (real estate agents). You’re welcome to meet ours!


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