Bakery – eatery – pastry – coffee

In the central market of Paroikia, is located the bakery “RAGKOUSI”.
Four generations of the family Ragkousi, almost a century, has left its own history on the island making the best dishes on the flour.

At bakery “RAGKOUSI” you can taste unique recipes made with much love and passion for this job, the traditional handmade bread baked with yeast, the sole bread enriched with basil baked in wood and of course the large variety of baked goods such as whole meal, rye, corn and more pastries.

Even you can try a wide variety of sandwiches and croissants for breakfast, always made with the finest materials. At the “Old Bakery”, you can find traditional Parian dishes like almond aromas zacharompaklavas, myzithropitakia, loukoumia and high quality, traditional biscuits, kritharokouloura.

Do not forget to taste and the sweet syrup delights famous for their delicate flavor and the great kilo of cherries and sweets, pasta.

The unique quality and variety of “Old Bakery” or “Ragkousi“, apart from the central market of Parikia can enjoy going to Naousa bus stop “Mill of Abraham”.

Naoussa Central Square || Tel.: 22840 51508
6th km Parikia Naoussa Road || Τηλ.: 22840 28326
Parikia, Mando Mavrogenous Square || Τηλ.: 22840 21573