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INTERVIEW: Stelios Th. Bizas

Tell us a few words about your company
The office was set up in 1965 by my father Theodoros I. Bizas at a time when tourist development on the island was still in its infancy. I started working by his side in 1985, and in 1990 I took over at the helm of the company. A helm that had taken a lot of experience, reliability and consistency to steer.

Give us some reasons why an investor should choose Paros and Antiparos for estate purchase?
The ever-increasing demand for real estate in Paros and Antiparos offers the best potential for immediate capital appreciation with the purchase of either private or commercial real estate. Paros’s market has always had quite a wide array of properties on offer and, as a result, numerous options and opportunities to choose from.

What are the reasons that contribute to the growth of the real estate market on the island?
Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Paros has always been high on the list for people looking to purchase a holiday property. This is due to the island’s natural beauty, as well as its privileged terrain featuring a mountain mass at the center of the island, which ensures easy access around the coastal zone. Good air and shipping connections also account for the fact that so many residential seekers turn their eyes to Paros.

What are the steps that should be taken in real estate market research?
The standard procedure in real estate market research is as follows:
1. The prospective purchaser contacts a local agent in order to get a picture of the market.
2. The purchaser informs the agent of their needs and capabilities.
3. The agent presents the best options based on the above parameters.

Is a buy-to-let property worth investing in, in 2022?
Buying real estate in locations showing upward trends, such as Paros and Antiparos, is worth investing in anyway. And so much so given that, in recent years, renting real estate on short-term rental platforms has proven to be quite lucrative.

What is the pulse of the real estate market on Paros and Antiparos?
The real estate market on Paros and Antiparos shows a great potential for growth and a strong resilience to the generally challenging economic environment. There is an ever-increasing demand for prime real estate for both private and commercial use.

Can nationals from non-EU countries acquire a property in Greece?
The level of specialization in the purchase and sale of real estate among lawyers, accountants and notaries is by now quite high so, by selecting professionals who display the appropriate savvy everything becomes easier.

What is the secret of your success?
If I reveal the secret to my success, it will cease to be a secret! Surely, though, there must be something that has kept us (my father for the first 25 years, and me over the last 32) in the real estate market of Paros and Antiparos uninterruptedly since 1965. I believe the key ingredients to success are: Responsibility – Discernment – Methodization – Effectiveness.

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