Piso Livadi. The family stroll brought the little ones to the threshold of happiness, that is, one metre from the sea.

A family beach, as they all were back then, with a full-fledged family enjoying the coolness.

Langada. Aunt Margarita. Those hands… That laughter…

Kyriakos Kydoniefs. Sunglasses, a panama hat, period charm…

Net patching, small talk, summer languor… And yet, indeed, this is Agios Nikolaos at Naoussa

The cove at Naoussa –as our parents and some of us knew it.
A boatman in his boat floating on gleaming waters.

Paroikia. The grocery shop with the EVGA’s branded freezer. Back when we used to keep count of ice creams and swims…
Below, Kapoutsos’s shop featuring the first tourist shop window display. A great many changes have taken place since then…

Ghiorgos Kontos’s barber’s at Lefkes. A veritable monument of everyday life.
Below, the old coffee house at Lefkes. A point of reference for foreign visitors to this day.

A snapshot of a meadow that exists no more taken from the Monastery of ‘‘Saint John the Doctor’’. ‘‘And then we turned into a lovely photograph’’.
John Pack of the Aegean School and Yiannis Vitzilaios in a photography workshop, fully-geared with a large-format camera, folded bellows and a lens hood.

Paros of the 80s

Text: Maro Voulgari
Photos: Yiannis Vitzilaios

A photographic reminiscence from Yiannis Vitzilaios’s archive

An island in advanced adolescence, right in the prime of its youth.

An island at its peak moment –this is what Paros was like back in the 1980s. A true destination of respite and relaxation in an era of unmitigated innocence depicted through the black and white allure of a photo collection.