Paros – Antiparos
swimming crossing

Text: Alexandros Trivizas

Swimming across the channel

This summer, as every summer for the past 10 years, the Swimming Crossing will take place at the island of Antiparos. The participants will have the chance to enjoy a unique experience as they will swim from Punta of Paros to the port of Antiparos, crossing the 1453m long channel which separates the two islands.

In recent years participations have gone up to over 400, including the world-famous star Tom Hanks, who is a summer resident of Antiparos. The contest will take place on July the 8th, if the weather conditions are suitable. The participants will be divided in two groups; one for beginners and one for experienced swimmers who will be timed and will not carry any swimming equipment. Participation forms should be submitted at the offices of the Antiparos Nautical Club not later than two hours before the start of the contest. We should add that all appropriate measures for a safe and smooth swimming contest will be taken.

We interviewed the President of Antiparos Nautical Club, Mr Ioannis Faroupos, and were told that participation is expected to be the same as last year. Mr Faroupos has told us that athletes from all over Greece and abroad, including Africa, are expected. The event is aimed at promoting the athletic ideal, fair play, swimming as a sport and attracting interest to Antiparos.

The main problems for the organizers are the lack of funds for the needs of the Nautical Club and also the lack of volunteers. The Contest which is held under the auspices of the Antiparos Municipality is aimed at the island’s tourist promotion, both in Greece and abroad.

We hope that the Antiparos Nautical Club will continue giving to the island and the young people the opportunity to get acquainted with the sports of sailing and swimming and that with each coming year the Swimming Crossing will become more and more popular.

Summer 2017