Concept Store

A brand new interiors boutique adorned with one of the most beautiful logos that catch the passer-by’s eye on Paros this year, something special is taking place. As you walk into the store, don’t expect to see an outlet stacked with useful homeware from floor to ceiling – instead, you find yourself in a thoughtfully curated home décor capsule where many good things could happen: you can find the gift you’ve been looking for; you can make yourself a present as you’ve come across a Bloomingville towel and you can think of nothing else; you might as well decorate your whole house or hotel accentuating it with a select range of outstanding pieces.
This magic space has come into being thanks to Myrto Tambouratzaki, who visualized and put this project into action at Dryos paving the way with a smile. Feel welcome to explore it and find out for yourselves.

Medusa Concept Studio, Drios, tel. 6970 012323