Maria Demetriades

Interview: Stavroula Papaspirou | Photo: Nikos Zappas

“Medusa” changes once more the artistic map of Paros

Fotis Art Cafe at the port of Naoussa, a reference point for art lovers of Paros, would present this year a multitude of authors in an exhibition bearing its name. The exhibition would mark the ten-year cooperation of Fotis Mellios with Maria Demetriades, the creator of the Art Gallery “Medusa”.

All works in the exhibition were inspired by Fotis Art Cafe while the creators have presented at times their work in the café’s premises: creators such as Anton, Ioulia Ventikou, Nikos Vlahos, Maria Grigoriadis, Eleni Zouni, Panagiotis Linardakis, Voula Masoura, Miltos Michailidis, Lina Bebi, Stergios Stamos and Nakis Tastsioglou. Unfortunately though, the untimely loss of Fotis Mellios has canceled this important artistic event.

This summer, however, thanks to another synergy of Maria Demetriades, the artistic map of the island has acquired a new landmark that happens to coincide with the headquarters of the architectural firm Studio 265 in Parikia.

As explained by the known gallerist who, for a long time now, has shared her daily life between Athens and Paros, “it’s about a new proposition that is based upon the coexistence and alliance between the art and an architectural form, since the very early stages of design. Isn’t such a combination quite stimulant? Isn’t a building but upgraded when it hosts and highlights in its premises, works of art? The team that constitutes Studio 265, seized the challenge and while designing their offices they also provided an internal two-storey space that, with the responsibility of “Medusa”, will act as an art gallery. The idea is to introduce two artists at a time, a painter and a sculptor, and the inauguration has taken place with Ellie Koutsoukelli and Nakis Tastsioglou respectively, with works created especially for this exhibition.”

The choice of these artists is not at all random. Elli Koutsoukelli presents works in pencil on paper of a large format which, through the abstract representation of reality, contribute to a monumental rendition of an internal viewing of the world. “The black and white landscapes of Elli,” says Maria Demetriades, “are reminiscent of architectural designs and they are ideally suited to the space, while also Tastsioglou who has to his credit numerous collaborations with architects, by crafting of fountains and pools and internal stairs. His are after all the sculpted furniture of Studio 265 and the work that dominates the lobby.”

According to Maria Demetriades the artistic stigma of “Medusa” at the headquarters of Studio 265 will be reflected in the art shop which is about to open in the next season and where one will be able to find smaller size paintings, small sculptures and jewelry, as well as travel editions, art books and architecture albums. The same goes for the surroundings of the building, where a small theater has already been created, able to accommodate theatrical performances, lectures, musical events and outdoor sculpture exhibitions.”

Summer 2015