Magda & Markos.

Magda Maouni

Interview: Vassilis Bonios | Photo: Margarita Maouni

We love making up something new

Mrs Magda, you’ve been professionally active in Antiparos for 25 years now. What do you think is missing from modern Antiparos and what of the “oldies” do you feel most nostalgic about?
Modern Antiparos is a very particular destination, which casts a spell with its Cycladic simplicity, traditional authenticity, its natural beauty and the incessant hospitality of its inhabitants.

And what do you miss from the old times?
I can only think of nostalgic images such as crossing over to Pounta in Paros by barge, the donkeys that would take you to Cave, the old grandma sitting on the stone bench on summer afternoons with her needle work.

Filming of Madalena in Antiparos was a significant event for the island and its inhabitants. Do you know anybody who experienced those days?
It’s true that the shootings in 1960 gave a new lease of life to “Aspronisi” (the white island). There was no electricity then, and most people had never been to the cinema. It was an extraordinary experience for those who took part in the film as supports or young actors, such as Madalena’s little brothers and sisters. My mother-in-law Margarita Maouni has offered us unique narratives of her experiences. She herself had a beautiful voice and sang with other girls, songs to the music of Manos Hatzidakis at the square.

The accommodation you offer is filled with hospitality and familiarity radiating your personal care. How important is this for your guests?
It’s everything. We love making up something new every time in our place and, tradition has it ,“ our door is always open”. Naturally, when hospitality and care are offered from the heart, guests are delighted. A happy guest is the best advocate to the rest of the world. Our best advertisement is our returning guests.

Summer 2013