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INTERVIEW: Irini Chorafa, Communication Manager

Tell us a few words about your company
Morphό is active in the field of architecture, design and construction. In recent years, our team has had a distinct presence in the development of Paros with the operation of our new branch in the chora town of Naoussa.

How do you ensure, as a company, harmony between aesthetics and functionality?
Aesthetics or functionality? Aesthetics and functionality are members of the same body – both of them must work together for flawless results. The experience, know-how and enthusiasm of our team guarantee optimal solutions.

In a period that climatic change influences the buying habits of many people, how do you make sure that your products are friendly to the environment?
Energy efficiency is now a key term in our corporate mission. Applying bioclimatic architecture has become an urgent necessity, and respect for the environment is a standard parameter in the design and implementation of our projects. Our materials, certified by international regulatory bodies, ensure the delivery of our construction projects with a minimal energy footprint.

What are the reasons that contribute to the building development on the island?
Tourism development, in combination with the local airport, have largely contributed to the emergence of the beautiful Aegean island of Paros as a one-of-a-kind destination. All of the above lead to an increased need to provide new accommodation facilities and modernize the ones already available. Therefore, there is a marked construction development as new buildings are being put up and the existing ones renovated.

Would you reveal to us the secret of your success?
The secret to our success? Faith, creativity, meritocracy and teamwork.

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