Irana Ji An Fourouli

Interview: Avgi Kalogianni | Photo: Michalis Salis

Teaching Yoga is what I love to do

Irana Ji An is a beautiful young woman of Greek and Argentine origin. Slim, swift and warm with bright eyes she really seems to be living according the principles of yoga, which she teaches. In fact, her aspiration is to encourage people to be the best they can be, through physical practice, self-observation, and trust, as she says.

Can you describe your philosophy of teaching?
My teaching style is what resonates with me, with what I have learnt and who I am. Teaching Yoga is what I love to do. I integrate breath, alignment and anatomical awareness to draw the student into their inner experience of each practice. I explore both traditional Yoga and Flow style. Yoga is for me a vital, powerful and compassionate science for healing and strengthening the body-mind and the psyche.

Which are your main strong points as a Yoga instructor?
Experience– through more than 20 years of practice, I have developed a system to bring yoga to everyone, to all levels of ability. I teach physically strengthening Vinyasa, Hatha classical, and Therapeutics for healing and calming and rejuvenating Yin Yoga practice; I encourage you to get strong and take responsibility for your health, to embrace your limits.
– Perception- Although it is important to have a class plan, personally I believe that being a teacher means you understand what each individual need, the mood and level of the class, in the given moment and keep your students enthusiastic and present, at ease, yet challenged.
-Integration- Yoga for me is the science of embodiment. I teach Integral Yoga. This means strong body, clear and focused mind and emotional balance. Through this method not only you become fit but you become more powerful, productive and joyful in your life. It is a holistic approach and a path of conscious evolution.

In a class full of people with widely different aims, how do you strive to keep everyone engaged and motivated?
In my classes you will always be surprised, they are always different. Because I get inspired depending on whom I teach and what is the theme of the day. I encourage creativity in the classroom by being receptive in the moment. By observing, giving the knowledge compassionately and with freedom of expression.

What daily or weekly routines would be incorporated in your teachings?
Daily, we strengthen and purify the body through creative sequences. We rejuvenate and restore energy through breathing practices (Pranayama) and calming gentle yoga. We focus and clear the mind through meditation, and other practices such as Mantra.
Weekly, we incorporate wellness sessions towards achieving specific health and fitness aims.

What made you become a yoga teacher?
The realization that our future is in our hands, as much as we are in life’s hands. My aspiration is to encourage people to be the best they can be, through physical practice, self-observation, and trust. Yoga taught me that true power, strength and integrity come only as a result of a life lived in harmony.

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Summer 2015