Makis Kostikas and Stavros Tsavalos.

Hail Noble Olive Tree!

Photos: Nikos Zappas

Two bold pioneer producers have placed Paros on the Greek oil producing map. Makis Kostikas and Stavros Tsavalos have created two premium brands of biological extra virgin olive oil, showing respect to the traditional varieties and adding the surplus value of high esthetics and modern know-how.

Makis Kostikas
An olive tree, a vineyard, a ship…

He is the creator of the most sophisticated wine brand on the island. He is no less resourceful as an olive oil producer. Makis Kostikas created the brand Alissafi, first for his four wine varieties and then for his extra virgin -officially certified biological- olive oil; a variety of it has a flavour of fresh lemon and orange. They are olive oil varieties aimed at making a dish take off or at giving one the frugal pleasure of tasting it on a slice of bread. The olive grove is at Kamares on an open slope, breathing in the sea. The olive trees are of an old Koroni variety and the vines are also old. It seems that we have the olive tree and also Elytis vineyard. Only the ship is missing from this image of Greece, but we sail with our creative passion and a pursuit of the best.


Stavros Tsavalos
Koroni olives. Parian olive oil

“I think that the best caring gesture for a Cycladic island is to replant it”
, Stavros Tsavalos tells us. “By nurturing and renewing the old olive trees at the well-rested land of Southern Paros I was certain the results would prove me right. At Kamari where “Kamarantho” -the land with the herbs and the olive trees- is located, there is also a traditional olive press. Thus, the olives ripened and gave their oil without leaving the place and of course without any chemicals and fertilizers. The olive oil has now been monitored for over two years by the competent organisation to be certified as a biological one. Its taste is thick, aromatic and fruity. An old and beloved taste which can now be found on the shelf to delight the island’s visitors.”