Folklore Museum of Marpissa

Located on a picturesque alley, next to Haroula’s tavern, is one of the nicest small museums of Paros.

Arranged as a traditional village house the museum is run by the Association of Women of Marpissa displaying heirlooms donated by the families of the village. The main room with the typical arch, the photos on the walls, the table in the middle with the glass set for the souma also hosts the double bed with the wreath cases and the icons.
The small room at the back with the loom and the spinning wheel features the traditional activities of the women.

Don’t miss looking under the bed and getting into the little room behind the kitchen. Going down to the cellar you will see professional tools and items of everyday use with the wooden keys on the wall being the oldest exhibits of the museum. Before you leave, make sure you visit the minute barbershop!

Free entrance
Open during the summer 7pm-9pm except Mondays
Τ. 22840.41217