E Art Gallery

E Art Gallery presents the group exhibition “Into the Deep”. An exhibition dedicated to the depth.

That is the distance from the observer as he looks down or inwards. There external stimuli stop, the sound of the surface and the light are hardly any, the silence and the sense of the unknown dominate, the breath stops and obeys the rhythms of the abyss.

Have the fear for life the past few months and the additional available  time that somehow had to be spent pushed us to our depths? Has the recent forced inaction contributed to this? Have the introspection on our life and our contact with others happened? Will all that has been experienced be able to play a catalytic role in the way we continue to live and react?

The normalcy and the norms, on which we have learned to operate so far have been called into question. We were deeply influenced and taught the fragility of existence.

The final destination is the perpetual mood for zest and rupture with the routine. A review for the value of the unplanned, of the joy of now and a little later, of the indolence that summer brings.

This summer is here in all its properties, soothing and cheerful as always. We have acquired the deepest wisdom to taste it and enjoy it as best as we can.

Through the group exhibition “Into the Deep”, the artists who took part in the project wanted to encourage viewers to “live” again and taste the unspeakable pleasure that art offers, when it comes from the deep.

The participating artists are:
Maria Baha, Aggelos Chaniotis, Dimitris Dokos, Nikos Kalafatis, Kornilios, Anargyros Paschalis, Elias Papanikolaou, George Saltaferos.
Exhibition curator: Aggelos Chaniotis.

Duration: July 13th – September 15th.
Visiting hours: 11:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 21:00
Location: Asteras Archilochos Paros