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INTERVIEW: Arvaniti Annie

What are the steps that should be taken in real estate market research?
Prospective buyers should start by selecting the area that suits their taste and investment goals. It is also important that they come to a decision on the size of the property and the sum they are willing to pay, which should include the fees of the real estate agent, the lawyer and the notary. When the right property is found, it is necessary to conduct a property title search and a building permit review, if it is a ready-made structure, or get informed of the local building codes, if it is an urban or rural land plot.

What is the buy-to-let real estate like in 2022?
The demand for buy-to-let properties is high. Purchasing a property for rental purposes is a very good investment that yields immediate returns.

What is the pulse of the real estate market on Paros and Antiparos?
On both islands there is a marked demand that is constantly on the rise.

Can non-EU countries’ nationals acquire a property in Greece?
Yes, provided they get a tax identification number, and open an account in a Greek bank where they are to transfer the money for the purchase and the rest of the expenses from their account abroad.

What is the secret to your success?
Consistency, honesty, effective cooperation with our colleagues, and support of the seller and the buyer throughout the transaction and beyond.

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