DELA Paro and Riga’s en sample

Text: Danae Tal | Photos: Stavros Niflis

Paros, like the rest of the Cyclades, always a crossroad between East and West, has created a particular musical personality by putting together creative hearings of other places with its own inspiration. This tradition is kept alive today by the musicians of the island.

The two groups we present here are typical of the route of a younger generation of traditional musicians. No matter where they start, be it rock music, be it rembetika –the greek blues- be it popular music, at some point they discover traditional music and dive in this sea of melodies and rhythms with a past, study the old instruments and make people dance until dawn!

Some of them born in Paros, some not, they met at some point on the island and started playing together. They have made these two bands, some of them play in both, some not. But they are all really good!