Fresh fish and great view

In the area of Ambelas,in a very beautiful location overlooking Naxos, literally on the sea, lies the restaurant - fish tavern Christiana. The best choice for «fish-eaters», the fresh fish and seafood are caught by the restaurant’s private boat. Trust the recommendations of the friendly staff to choose from a variety of flavors that still keep the Parian tradition alive.


Excellent food, kind staff, nice view over the sea!

Open: 12:00 - 23:00

CHRISTIANA - Ambelas || Tel.: +30 22840 51573


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Thai, Sushi & Aegean View

On top of a hill,with a panoramic view of the Aegean and the neighboring islands, Tao’s is a unique experience of many aspects. A delicious Asian cuisine, offering Thai dishes, Chinese & Sushi, from Pad Thai to Dumplings, Tom Yam to Yakitori, Mango Salad to Salmon Teriyaki. Tao’s Menu, by Chef Pan Suwan and Sushi Chef Bo Chen, is designed to suit meat eaters, fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans!


Daytime Café for e-nomads, Live Music nights and wide-open outdoors space, welcoming adults, kids and animals alike.

Open: 13:00 - 24:00

Tao’s Center - Ambelas || Tel.: +30 22840 28882



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The Cocktail Bar of Piso Livadi | Le Cocktail Bar de Piso Livadi

Start your day enjoying the sea viewand fill up your energy with a delicious breakfast served with a big smile. Come and taste our great variety of snacks all day long. In the evening check our Cocktail Bar and try our cocktails, sharp and imaginative, until the early morning hours with Rock music 80s and 90s and the latest hits in a cool and relaxed atmosphere!


Rock music 80s and 90s and the latest hits in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Open: 08:00 - 04:00

Pisso Livadi port || Tel.: 22840 28740


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The terrace of Lefkes

On the most beautiful terrace of Lefkes, in the tavern of Flora, you will taste traditional Greek dishes with fresh Parian products, made with taste by her hands. Chickpeas in the oven, lettuce leaves stuffed with rice, roasted rooster are some of the dishes she prepares every day. On the grill you will find wonderful skewers and local meats, well cooked and juicy ribs, steaks, skewers, burgers and sausages and more.


While the stomach fills pleasantly, the eye is full with the view - Lefkes from above and in the background Naxos.

Open: 12:00 - 23:00

Lefkes || Tel.: 22840 43130


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Excellent food and great view

With emphasis on quality meat, Mediterranean cuisine and good wine. Since 1997 we operate as a family restaurant. In our restaurant you will find dry curing steaks from small Greek farms, excellent meat on spit, Mediterranean cuisine and a large wine list. We expect you on our amazing terrace with a view to Naxos, in Lefkes, the most beautiful village of Paros.



Great specialization in meat and taste for good wine

Open: 12:00 - 24:00

Lefkes, tel.: 22840.43089 || E-mail:



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Dinner with a sunset view

Fresh fish & seafood, served in the most idyllic location of Paros. Axinos Restaurant serves the freshest fish & seafood, right in front of the old port in Naoussa. Enjoy a journey into the Mediterranean cuisine... with a twist. A great selection of fish and seafood is offered to you in an elegant atmosphere to enhance your eating experience. Fresh sushi creations and the most imaginative cocktails are also available in a lavish space on the top floor balcony. As always, overlooking the old Naoussa Port, our sushi bar elevates your tasting experience to the highest level imaginable.


Mediterranean flavours with an air of luxury!

Naoussa, Old Port || Tel.: 22840.53388


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Buon Vento

Italian wind

Fresh ingredients from the orchard, “talkative smells” from the kitchen, two hearty Italian hosts who love to match their Napolitan roots with the local products creating dishes which are the fruit of the encounter of two mediterranean cultures that have a lot to share. Try the penne al dente, fried pizza, spaghetti 500 with sea-bass fillet, cherry tomatoes and parsley, and their terrific dessert Babba, straight from the streets of Naples. Tradition and innovation a la Buonvento!


Watch the preparation of mozzarella at the special events!

Opening hours: 13:00 - 17:00 & 19:00 - 23:00

Messada, Marpissa, tel.: 22840.42694 & 6971.914063 ||

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Homely Yemeni

With the sweetness and love of home made dishes along with the professionalism required for an unforgettable dinner, Yemeni has been one of the most outstanding restaurants on the island from the very beginning of its operation in 2007. Genuine island atmosphere, a view to the narrow streets of Naoussa, pure local ingredients, olive oil and wine from the family farm, bread and pastry from the hands of mummy Mario baked in a wood oven.


Extraordinary wine list!

Opening hours: 18:00 - 01:00

Naoussa, tel.: 22840.51445

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