The Varouchas mansion

Human presence shaped the unique atmosphere of each house

On the street leading to Panagia Eleousa (Virgin of Tender Mercy), starting off at the church of Taxiarches and ending at the Upper Gate of the Castle, at today’s 11 Archilochou Street, stands the Varouchas mansion, home to a family with a long history that left its mark mainly in the field of archaeology.

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The palimpsest of the Nymph’ quarry at Marathi, Paros

In the years preceding the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, travellers, philhellenes and archaeologists travelling to Paros were aware of the adits at Marathi. The artificial labyrinthine cave system, fascinated foreign travellers as they immersed themselves in the marble riverbed that had once given life to statues of gods and humans.

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Elias Papadimitrakopoulos

I'm an experiential writer

Elias Papadimitrakopoulos is one of the best, brightest, and freshest spirits of our time. He comes from Pyrgos, Ilia, and served as a military doctor until 1982, when he resigned from the Army. A short story writer, or rather a creator of brief narratives, he has published twenty books and received a number of awards and distinctions.

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