Portraits of the Greek Revolution

The Art Gallery "αντί" presents the anniversary edition portraits of the Greek Revolution of 1821 by painter Dimitra Katsaouni

The edition consists of 23 portraits measuring 35x50cm, all drawings in pencil on paper depicting politicians and fighters of the Greek Revolution in numbered and signed copies. Some of the original portraits will be exhibited in the Art Gallery "αντί" and the edition of the copies will be available from May 22 until the end of September.

Art Gallery “αντί” || Antiparos, Kastro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anti.antiparos

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The Oracle of Paros

«The Oracle of Paros» is a video installation coming to the old Marble Factory by the Parikia Yacht Harbour for all of July & August

It is the first show of the future Fluxus Museum, but as the building won’t be ready until next year, this piece by Fluxus artist Stephan Shakespeare is designed to be seen by peeping through the doors at the back of the building. Millions of messages flash past too fast to be read, requiring you to use your phone camera to capture your own personal oracle, unique to every participant. Don’t miss it!

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Paschalis Skordas


EXPA was founded in Paros in 1981, when eight carpenters active on the island decided to combine their expertise to establish a company that would take a leading role in the market of wooden constructions. Today, EXPA employs more than 40 wood craftsmen in its privately-owned facilities spanning a total area of ​​over 10,000 sq.m., supplying the Greek islands with prime-quality door and window frames. Our product range also features pergola systems and other specialized structures.

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Giorgos Papazoglou


Our team is made up of competent professional real estate agents, who anticipate your needs and requirements, as well as legal consultants, civil engineers and notaries, with whom we have built mutual trust, and whose services make our work possible. Whether you are looking for a new home or a luxury villa for your next vacation, our mission is to provide you with a wide range of outstanding options and second-to-none travel experiences.

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Tonia Drakou


We set up my agency in 2010, after a three-year-long experience in a leading real estate firm, which was a real school for me. These were rather trying times for my finances and everyone discouraged me from doing it, but I followed my instinct and, with the support of my family, I took the leap. My company undertakes sales, business leases, property management for Airbnb-style rentals, property appraisals and after sales service.

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Paris London Paros Team


With our experience in real estate between Paris and London, and our growing love for Greece, the desire to develop a new agency in Paros came very naturally. This is how PARIS LONDON PAROS International Real Estate based in Lefkes, was born in 2018.

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Errikos Kohls


Errikos Kohls Immobilien Consulting“ is a Paros-based real estate agency operating on the most enticing and widely-known islands in the Aegean region. Our office offers idyllic summer homes for purchase or rent with outstanding architectural design, quality features and prime location aiming at introducing prospective purchasers or tenants to a world of comfort, aesthetics and natural beauty.

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Konstantinos Mitsatsos


With a 25-plus-year trajectory in the sector of communication, design and specialized construction, setting up GECO was just the next logical step for us. Our main goal is the delivery of exclusively designed and well-engineered projects that offer dream residences and experiences.

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Stelios Th. Bizas


The office was set up in 1965 by my father Theodoros I. Bizas at a time when tourist development on the island was still in its infancy. I started working by his side in 1985, and in 1990 I took over at the helm of the company. A helm that had taken a lot of experience, reliability and consistency to steer.

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Giorgos Kavallis


Our Paros-based estate agency was established in 1999. We are active in the design and construction of high-end residential properties, drawing on the century-long architectural tradition of the Greek islands, coupled with modern-day needs. We have recently entered the real estate sector through REMAX PRIME, taking a holistic approach to our work.

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