Broad lines

Text: Avgi Kalogianni | Photos: Dimitris Vranas (A.I.F.)

Ι got to know this house and its people during a musical evening organized by the owner Giorgos Kavallis ( for the support of the Aegean Wildlife Hospital “Alkioni”. Maroulia Kontou (, the lady of the house, was on the piano accompanying baritone Mihalis Hatzis.

It was a magical night! The house seemed to hang between a full moon sky and a sea, that looked like melted silver, while the music filled the air and vibrated our souls. None of this was casual. The house has been designed for such evenings and many more things. The firewood oven for the bread, made from home ground flour in the small mill in the cellar. The big wooden table on the terrace for the gatherings. The sitting room with the piano and the fireplace for relaxation and conversation. The office full of books, drafts and a vast view for inspiration and creativity.

It’s a house designed with style and taste by Giorgos Kavallis who has put his mark on every detail, every corner and every item. A house that looks like it’s always been there, in the beautiful surroundings, that gives out a feeling of lucidity and warmth that enchants you right away.