At Saint Constantine’s
on the Kastro

There are more churches than houses at the Kastro (Venetian Castle) of Paroikia. Post-byzantine chapels mainly from the 18th c. add to the beauty and charm of the Kastro. It’s been quite a while since the Kastro-Old Market Initiative has been trying to keep up or revive the festivities at the Kastro chapels.

The best known, mostly because of its location at the highest point of the Kastro is St. Constantine’s, built in the 17th c. on the ruins of the archaic temple of Athena and right next to it, the Annunciation. From there it gazes over to the sea and enjoys one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean Sea. This year on May 21st , its namesake, amongst a feast of colours, sounds and smells, the chapel opened for the first time after the restoration project. The celebration was dedicated to all those who worked for cleaning and whitewashing the Kastro streets.