Vinyl is back

The term “folk music” was first coined by German philosopher Herder in 1778, and since then, various theorists and scholars have set about interpreting the phenomenon. They finally came to the conclusion that folk music has two main characteristics: orality and improvisation.

We’re in the year 2023 now and, not to mention, on Paros, which is widely renowned for its «super vibes» so, as good luck would have it, we came across «Armenismata» (sailings), a series of songs featuring lyrics by Paris Armenakis and music by young and older artists alike (Vergopoulos, Doumouliakas, Giannarakis, Mantikou). The songs are to be uploaded online in the summer of 2023, and then released on vinyl.

The project is an independent production by Paris Armenakis, who views the navigation of wooden boats (hence the armenismata) as symbolising our daily life.