Antonis & Constantina Tripolitsiotis

Love for the theatre

He is a self-taught artist, painter and a fisherman of sea urchins. Worked in fishing boats since he was 9 years old, pure bred of Naoussa, he “immigrated” to Piso Livadi where he runs the ouzo tavern “Mouragio”.
She was born in Moschato, Athens, she grew up in Rentis and studied in Ralleios School of Piraeus. She found herself in Paros because she fell in love.
Her great loves are books and theatre.

“Drawing is for me a way out. A refuge. I may wake up at night with an idea, grab the pencil and draw”, says Antonis while we drink our souma and dip our bread in sea urchins he just caught, in his tavern under “Paron”, the ancient Parian ship. Antonis with his little boat does not just go for sea urchins; he also rushes in rescuing missions if necessary, 128 rescues in 25 years.
A great love binds him with Constantina. And we do not mean only the love they have for each other; we mean their common love for the theatre. For years Constantina Tripolitsiotis was the director of Nereus cultural club in Naoussa and Antonis an actor. “I take pride in the theatrical group of Nereus as if it were my child, my third child. They performed a new play with a new director that was impressive. I am glad that they achieved this without me, it was good but the truth is that I handed over the baton without having been asked.”

They started in the theatre group of Mrs Roussos but after a dispute they left. But they could not live without the theatre. So, in 2001 they suggested to Nereus to create a theatre group. They preferred foreign writers and plays with many roles so that the whole team could be involved. The team’s favorite though, the play closest to their heart was Greek. It was the “Pieces and shivers” by George Skourtis. The Meetings of Amateur Theatre Groups of Aegean were some of the most beautiful moments. “In Paros it has not been done yet.” says Constantina Tripolitsiotis “I placed my candidacy for municipal elections with this dream, but I was not voted. In 2013 I had a stroke. This past winter was difficult without the theatre. But I found something else. I write the adventures of two dogs, two stray dogs: Mourgos and Bella. I would also like to do a radio show for children. My mind may be shaken, but it has not stopped thinking or dreaming.”

Summer 2015