A wedding with positive energy

Text: Vassilis Bonios | Photo: Stavros Niflis

“Marriage is the saddest way to for someone to lie in bed…” said a philosopher some centuries ago. His opinion however is not a burden for thousands of couples who unite their lives daily, somewhere on the planet.

They say that men get married because they are tired and women marry because they are curious. Both are disappointed, Oscar Wilde claims.
But nobody can question the fact that it is a proof of love, two people who endure one another.

In the melancholic days of the Memorandum we live in, the saying that claims marriage to be rich in love and poor in money, promising happy nights and days full of agony seems to be more and more justified. Especially in cities where it is enough for someone just to get from his house to the office, to return “mad” to his loved ones, a marriage–in its best version–refers to the self-ironic movies of the wonderful Woody Allen. 

We say all this to conclude to Paros. The choice that a new couple makes to get married on this wonderful island of the Cyclades is like giving positive energy not only to the mystery of the wedding, but also to the shared life that will follow.

Maybe it is because of the attention mothers give to see their daughters off in marriage that sweeps you up onto a cloud of tenderness that lies in the atmosphere.
It is this tenderness that feels like a safety net at the beginning of a new life.

And if Santorini is the “fashionable” destination for colourful couples from around the world to get married, Paros is the one that maintains a sweet and simple openness, a familiar lap that welcomes new couples.