A volunteer in Paros

Interview: Maro Voulgari

As long as there is life, there is hope

Nastassja is a generous woman. Every year, she comes to Paros from Paris not on holidays but to do volunteer work as vet assistant at the Vet Centre of the Paros Animal Welfare, thus linking the Island with the French Organizations of Animal Friends. On top of that, she “fell in love with” a cat at Naoussa.

What does volunteering mean for you? How did your relationship with animals and Animal Friends Organizations begin?
I’ve had cats since I was very young, I took care of them and then I had the idea to make a profession of it. Then, quite naturally, I felt like getting involved in such an organization. It came as a matter of course. This was particularly constructive because I was able to help with stray animals or with animals in need of care. Offering my free time and my capacities gave meaning to my passion.

What brought you to Paros? What are your ties with the island now?
I came to Paros on holidays in September 2016. Here, I met the stray cat which I eventually adopted. I really love this island where I feel at home. In a sense it is my shelter. I have also met wonderful people who have become my friends.

Tell us about your experience at the Vet Centre of Paros Animal Welfare.
I did volunteer work at the Vet Centre in 2017. I came in April and in August. I help the vet, mainly in the operation room, assisting him with some tasks and this helps to gain time.

How do you see the relation of the young people with the animals? Is there any hope of creating new generations of animal friends?
In France we have the saying: “As long as there is life, there is hope.”
I believe that the coming generations will show a stronger interest in the welfare of animals. We must communicate all this love and generosity to the future generations.
This requires education and participation. We must teach them to respect the other species, get acquainted with them and live together with them.

Summer 2018