The marble gate hand tooled by Tinian marble carver leads to the interior court yard completely protected from the wind.

Light alternates with shadow. Blue from the sky blends with the earthly tones of the dining table under the pergola.

The olive tree that existed there, is surrounded by the house.

Different aspects of the house with wide view to the inland.

The outside couch with handmade table by the owner. In the background, the marble well cover that is used as whirlpool.

The bedroom with Moroccan bronze bed and antic oak floor.

Living and dining room are filled with “treasures” from the antic dealer owner. The cherry wardrobe and the elephant saddle that serves as a table, dominate the place.

A house in Ysterni

Photos: Dimitris Vranas (A.I.F.)

A country house in Ysterni of Naoussa. Owners trusted Giorgos Kavallis ( for the design and construction of a traditional dwelling. The architectural effect is the modern application of the oldest Cycladic architecture of the houses of ancient Delos with the enclosed yard to the Byzantine castle monastery with marble frames.