4 reasons to visit Antiparos
this year

You have been to Antiparos again and again, you have visited the Cave and gone to the beach. What’s left to do on the tiny Cycladic island that is defined as the one opposite Paros but is in itself a whole micro-world?

So, here are four things
that you haven’t probably done yet in Antiparos but you must do at any rate:

Swim in the crystal clear water of Soros, lie on the golden sand and when you start feeling hot and hungry, look for shelter in the shady and beautiful space of Soros Beach.

Organize your wedding, the “wedding of the year” or any other event you want to celebrate, in the elegant and hospitable garden of the hotel Kastro Antiparos, trusting the experience and taste of Magda and Markos.

Enjoy the landscape and breathtaking view from Profitis Ilias, the highest summit, no matter how you get there. We propose the hard way, which happens to be the best!

Discover the Kastro of Antiparos, the core of the traditional settlement. Really, have you ever walked along the main street all the way to the end, beyond the shops and the “xopyrga”*? Once you cross the vault, you find yourself in another time. In a time when the tower was a lookout and not an aqueduct. The Kastro of Antiparos was built by Leonardo Loredano in 1440, when he married Cesca Sommaripa, daughter of the Venetian ruler of Paros and Andros, Gruccio Sommaripa, and took the island as dowry. Find the winged lion, symbol of Venice, on the façade of one of the houses!

*Xopyrgo, house outside the pyrgos-fortress.